Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Special Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! Any day set aside for me to show my husband and boys how much I love them is special! I know some say; "Its a commercialised holiday" but I just say bring it on! Any day to say I love you is special in my book! This year I was pondering on just what Valentine's Day means to me. I remembered back to when Mark and I were dating and our first Valentine's Day. He was one of those guys who thought it was just another day...well, that was until our first Valentines Day. After cooking him a home cooked meal in my new red dress he was hooked! tee hee!!! Then I started thinking about the Valentine's Day's in the past that our boys cherish. This year we celebrated much the same way. Waking up with a special gift from Mark for me and the boys, a fun home school day, Heart shaped pizza for dinner along with a yummy dessert. All that was special but what made Valentine's Day special for Mark and I was what happened the Friday before....

The Friday before Valentine's Day Mark took the day off work. He had been working a lot of extra days so we were all happy he had a day off! That day I had to deliver chocolate to the market downtown so Mark got up early and went with me. While out, we decided to enjoy the morning together doing some shopping as well as going out to breakfast.

While at breakfast I was looking around the restaurant thinking to myself what a nice time it was to spend this time together. I looked around and saw the busyness of life as people were texting, reading the paper, talking on the phone and even some older people eating all alone. I sat there pondering how special it was to be sitting together with Mark and how it made me feel special that he chose to wake up early on his day off to come with me. About that time an older couple came and sat at the table behind us. They both walked with canes, he came to the seat before her pulling out her chair. She sat and he went to the bar to fix his plate. As he fixed his plate she got the table ready placing a napkin on his side, unrolling the silverware, ordering their drinks, fiddled in her purse and got ready for their time together. He came to the table, helped her up and she went to fix her plate. As I watched them my heart was blessed at the tenderness between them. Once she fixed her plate they enjoyed a quiet conversation, at one point we heard him say to his bride, "You're hair sure looks pretty today!" Mark and I both looked at each other and shared a smile between us. I wondered just how many Valentine's they'd shared together. As I watched them I could see the love he had for her and she for him. It was a simple meal but when they walked in the room the simple breakfast turned into a special Valentine's Day. As I sat enjoying the company of my husband I realized even more how blessed I am that God chose to give him to me.
As Mark and I were walking out Mark said "Why don't we pay for their bill?" I had no idea he was being blessed by them just as much as I had been. We went to the register and wrote them a note, paid for their bill and walked out of that restaurant feeling a little bit closer to one another and looking forward to our future together.

God is so good.....

As we walked out of the restaurant my phone rang. It was for a chocolate order $5 more then we just paid for their meal! He never ceases to amaze me!

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