Saturday, February 26, 2011

Laughter is Good Medicine

This weekend it was my birthday! Can you believe I get to have another 39th birthday? Yep! All year last year I thought I was 39! Then a few months ago someone said 2011 in a conversation and I thought....wait a minute 2011, I'm not going to be 40 this year I'm going to be 39!! I had a good laugh that I get another 39th birthday!!! Not only was it my birthday weekend but it was the weekend of our ladies retreat which I look forward to each year!

You know how you are with your girlfriends at a ladies retreat? You stay up to late laughing and being a girl! This year they had a surprise birthday party for me so of course we ate, stayed up to late, laughed and enjoyed leaving all the cares of the world for just a little bit and became girls! It was great!!!

The next morning when waking up of course you're tired! Its a good tired and waking up with a renewed spirit and focus is a wonderful way to wake up. It was a beautiful morning in the mid 60's so we had the front door open. As I sat down to put my make-up on God gave me a good laugh in the form a little visitor!
This little guy came to greet me! Not only did he greet me but he kept trying to come in and join me! As my sister and I sat at the table he kept watching us I'm sure waiting on something to eat. He would put one foot in the door and all I had to say was "No, No!" and he would step out. Then a few minutes would go by and he would put one foot in the door and again I would say "No!" He would turn around, make a circle on the porch and come right back. He stayed there the whole time I was getting ready and the two of us had a nice little conversation!
After I finished getting ready he walked me to the van as I packed. Then he came back to the condo and waited for me to come out again. After getting in the van and going to the main building for our meeting my heart was blessed at the little giggle I had as I enjoyed God's creation. Little did I know my friend followed me! As I was sitting in the meeting I was sitting near a glass door and who but my little friend was standing next to the glass door as if he too wanted to attend the meeting!

Sometimes I think God has a sense of humor if we just take time to look for it in our day! Today my heart is overflowing with His goodness towards me and I am truly blessed at His love for me. I count it all joy.


  1. HEE HEE HEE!! That is awesome. What a cute little feller!! I love it! :0) And oh to be 39 again. :) :)

  2. LOL!! He was a real blessing!! Maybe next year I'll find out I'm 39 again! LOL!