Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another Red Bird Gift

This past week I received some heart wrenching news. You know, the kind of news that tares at your heart strings. It overwhelmed me, consumed my thoughts then started to affect my attitude. I knew what was happening to ME so on my way home I did what I've done many times, I had another good talk with ME and told ME you are not going to take this home and take it out on your family, this has nothing to do with them so get your attitude right before you get out of this van. My husband and oldest son knew of the situation but they did not bear is like I was - don't you love that when someone is stable in the relationship!

On my way home I dropped off my nephews and when leaving their house I noticed a rather large mud puddle. In the middle of the mud puddle I noticed some splashing and could not figure out what it was. When I drove up to see, I notice a little red bird splashing around and having a grand time. My heart was blessed at the little gift God placed in my day. You see several years ago I claimed a Red Bird as my "I love you from God". When I see a Red Bird I know the Lord is sending a special message just to me. That night when things calmed down I got my Bible and a good book and enjoyed getting my focus back where it needed to be. Getting me back in order so I could enjoy a peaceful night sleep and put the situation back in His hands. I'm always reminding myself His Plan is so much bigger then my plan and His ways are so much better then my ways. Choose an "I love you sign" and see how God works in mysterious ways.

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